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QS Global-Workplace

QS Global-Workplace provides 90,000+ students and alumni life-time access to a range of services that will maximize their access to global career opportunities, showcase their skills to attract international employers and gain the latest insights into company hiring strategies, salary trends and career development.

How to become a partner

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Don’t be just another brick in the wall…
Business professionals raise their profile and stand out to employers:
  • Tailor each application to jobs that interest them
  • Optimize their CV to boost their interview chances
  • Connect with employers and boost appeal through projects
  • Discover and connect with valuable people in their network

It’s a jungle out there…
Access many invaluable features in one place, saving precious time
  • Search over 40,000+ MBA and business Masters job
  • Create unlimited job alerts and searches
  • Follow latest global salary and hiring trends provided by 5000+ employers

Reach new heights…
Striving for success and self-improvement is second to none so getting to know the companies story including how and where they’re hiring is a sure way of getting your foot in the door
  • Search 400+ Leadership and Internship programs from Fortune 500 companies
  • Guide to assessment tests used by MBA employers

Becoming a business school partner at QS Global-Workplace has many benefits

  • Deliver career services to students and alumni around the world
  • Provide options for international students and globally oriented domestic students
  • Track student activity and engagement with over 40,000 MBA and business Masters opportunities
  • Build relationships with 5000+ employers around the world looking to hire MBAs
  • Match your students with projects that develop strategic, innovative and operational plans for businesses worldwide