Why employers value hiring MBAs

Friday, March 10, 2017 at 12am

Why do employers target those in possession of an MBA degree and for what purposes are graduates hired?

The following quotes are taken from a 2016 series of recruiter interviews, all of which are available to read in our MBA interviews series

“KPMG understands and recognizes the importance of MBAs to our firm and to our clients. As we continue to position ourselves as a leader in the marketplace, we can anticipate that the demand for MBAs will only continue to increase.”

KPMG’s National Director of Campus Recruiting, Malana White

“By hiring MBAs with expertise in specific areas, we know that we’re bringing in team members that have had the appropriate training necessary to add value and succeed.”

Dell’s University Relations and Diversity Manager for North America, Maria Crabtree

“One of the key things for MBAs is that we’re trying to bring in people who can be future leaders

within the company.”

Cisco’s University Recruitment Lead for the Americas, Nicholas Colinear

“Delta has long recognized the value of hiring MBAs to solve complex challenges and identify solutions that allow us to best serve our customers throughout all aspects of our business.”

Delta Air Lines’ Director of Talent Acquisition, Glen Johnson

“We’re hiring more MBAs than ever before because we’re finding that the middle and upper echelons of our company couldn’t be filled with internal talent in the way it had before.”

UPS’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Matt Lavery

“We plan to continue hiring MBAs; it’s becoming more and more of a standard for leadership roles and a requirement for our core areas, such as corporate strategy and marketing.”

Land O’Lakes’ Manager of Talent Acquisition, Nick Koewler

…and what can employers offer graduates of the degree?

Of course, recruitment currently is very much a two-way street.

At the level to which MBAs aspire, the onus is on the employer to show what they can offer graduates as much as it is on the MBA to showcase their abilities. With that in mind, here are some

further highlights from MBA Employer Interviews series

“PwC’s Strategy& hires MBAs at the senior associate level. They work closely with clients and PwC’s Strategy& teams to identify, clarify and resolve complex issues critical to a client’s strategic and operating success.”

Strategy& Campus Recruiting Lead, Seema Malveaux

“Incoming MBAs are given responsibility from the onset, it is a steep learning curve and we challenge them to go beyond ‘business as usual’.”

Barclays’ Head of Banking Associate Recruitment, Kristi Robson

“Our MBAs will acquire transformational leadership and pivoting skills that are essential to a dynamic workplace.”

AT&T’s Associate Director of Development Programs, Theresa Hoover

“There is no one-size-fits-all entry-level position for MBA graduates coming in. Our current rotational

program design taps into the features of what the future career, or careers, will look like for many millennials. That is, a diverse range of functions, roles, segments and potentially geographies, and involves loads of complexity and change.”

Mars’ Talent Manager, Employer Reputation and University relations, Manuel Muñoz



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