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Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 1am

Rising salaries and potential opportunities are up for grabs in the job market and competition is massive. It is important to know your unique selling point (USP) as this will enable you to most effectively position yourself as the best-suited candidate for a position. It could be a specialist qualification, degree or a unique combination of past experience, personal interests and achievements.

A well-constructed resume is, of course, an ideal place to start and is normally the first chance to make a good impression on a potential employer and a gateway to a rewarding career. 

Here are some tips to make your resume stand out: - 

Soft Skills verses Hard Skills

Globally, recruiters are hunting for candidates possessing a perfect balance of both soft skills and hard skills. While hard skills are industry-specific abilities that can be defined and measured, soft skills can be understood as social skills or personal attributes that can be applied to any industry or job. Hard skills are quantifiable and easy to teach but soft skills are acquired personality traits. 

Communication Skills

Communication skills came out on top, based on what employers identified as the most important when hiring for mid-level positions. 

The words "excellent written and verbal communication skills" are commonly seen in job postings and resumes alike. However, higher-level communication skills involve much more than the ability to write and speak. Effective communication is a two-way process that requires tuning in to what others are saying and doing. Highlight areas that include your expertise in written communication, verbal communication, proactive listening, interpersonal communication, public speaking, and constructive criticism. 

Whether it is selling someone on an idea, negotiating a sticking point, collaborating on a shared goal or providing performance feedback, communication skills are an everyday workplace requirement.

Management and Leadership Skills

Any hiring manager will tell you that they’re looking for someone who can take the initiative and have the capability to grow and progress the business. 

One cannot lead people without a clear and concise understanding of what the main aims and objectives are. It is only through trusting your workforce and delegating tasks to them in an appropriate and considerate manner that a leader can achieve their highest potential and the highest potential of their workforce. A leader helps to inspire people, so they are always willing to walk the extra mile for their company.

Language Skills

When you speak and understand a second language, put it up in your resume to earn extra brownie points. It has become a significant advantage in business to speak more than one language, as MBA employers find themselves participating in an increasingly global market that requires cross-cultural understanding and communication skills. Given the current market produced by the internationalization of commerce across the world, one language no longer cuts it for long-term, global-scale business operations.  So, get your head around by showing off this skill in your CV resume if you can. 

These skills are highly regarded by employers and should take pride of place on your resume. While it’s essential to tailor it to the industry and position that you’re applying for, it will make little difference if you do not include an example, as this serves as a tangible and credible way for demonstrating your possession of these key skills.

Written for QS Global-Workplace

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