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Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 1am

One of the prime questions which is asked by all MBA graduates is how to get the perfect job after the MBA? What are your expectations after MBA? More importantly how realistic are your expectations? Many students have a false notion that they want to start big and that they will get on top of the business chain soon. However, you should know that to get on top of the business chain, you will have to first learn the basics of the business. Hence it is more likely that you will join at the bottom of the business chain and then work your way to the top.

If you haven’t started already, now is a good place to start…

Generally full time MBA is of 2 years. So ideally, if you want a good job after MBA, you should start hunting no later than 18 months into your MBA. Several programs start 6 months prior to term ending, but this is by no means written in stone. By starting early, you have the opportunity to go through various company interviews, and even if you fail in some, it is likely that you will pass through from others and get the MBA job you are looking for.

The role of your careers service office

MBAs should not relax and wait for the careers services department to hand jobs to them. It is each student’s responsibility to direct their job search and career transition. With tight immigration and jobs situation in Europe, for example, non-EU students need to prepare well in advance if they are looking to stay in the region after the MBA.

Many students have this idea that they could get a job in the country in which they gain their MBA without having a good command of the business culture in the region.

Moreover, for those that do their due diligence and are proactive during their studies will be more able to get jobs without much trouble.

Do a fantastic internship

An internship goes a long way in getting you a good job and is generally the precursor to being hired long-term. If the job profile was good, you can perform with top credentials so that it will be very likely that the company recruit you themselves after the internship. This can be the simplest route to get a full- time job. However, in this case, you have to start preparations from the 1st year itself so that you get the right college internship for yourself.


Recruiters rarely remember you: Often the goal of networking events is to chat with a recruiter for a minute or two, but ultimately to get their card so you can “thank them” and start a real dialogue. “They meet 100 people and rarely ever remember you,” said one MBA grad, who would often no-show events and get the recruiter’s contact information from friends.

How Big Data is reshaping your job search and hiring…

In many situations, skills and experience can be more valuable than a credential. This especially true if you do not go to a top ranked school.  

A new data driven approach to talent management is reshaping the way organizations find and hire staff.

John Reed, senior executive director at Robert Half Technology, the S&P 500 recruitment firm, says: “Advanced analytics will certainly help to identify people in specific searches, but a known network of people you trust will likely remain the high.

Companies are increasingly using these state-of-the-art techniques to recruit and retain the great future managers and innovators, according to a report from McKinsey & Company, the consultancy.

Rather than relying on purely on a rigorous interview process and resume, employers are able to “mine” through deep reserves of information.

“The real value is about identifying personality types, abilities, and other strengths to help create well-rounded teams.

Big data is already having an impact on recruitment of those with skills in short supply. Career network vehicles are an ideal medium for job candidates to showcase themselves, it ges without saying keep things professional and avoid photos of office parties or vacation exploits.

Happy holidays!

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