Employers can’t live without them, Candidates can’t afford dodging them

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 1am

80% of US employers and over 65% of EU employers use some form of pre-employment testing as part of the hiring process. Employers require this to:

  1. Sift quickly and efficiently through mass applications
  2. Make savings on interviews and turn-over
  3. Find candidates that are best fit to their values and vision
  4. This is a new one – allow candidates a glimpse into their next role, giving them more insight and to decide if the role is truly for them

Points 3 and 4 should resonate with you; as it’s a sure-fire way on how to plan and maximise your career-planning efforts.

The need to find the right candidate in the digital age has propelled the talent management industry to become a multi-billion-dollar giant. Hundreds of assessment companies and consultancy firms are trying to find the secret recipe that will help an employer achieve points 1 and 2. This rich world of assessments means that as a candidate who’s applying to more than one employer, each test you will take will be unique and will ensure specific preparation.

Let’s take a look at a few leading Fortune companies and how each utilises a different selection system and test provider:




Strengths assessment, is a situational judgement test mixed with job simulation, numerical and verbal reasoning tests → phone interview → assessment centre. Test provider is CAPP. Learn more


Numerical/verbal/logical reasoning → personality testing → interviews →assessment centre. Test provider is SHL. Learn more


Situational judgement → numerical and verbal reasoning tests → digital interview → assessment centre Test provider is Cubiks. Learn more

The different tests and providers addresses the varying styles and focus on preparation efforts for these unique applications.

Now let’s explore #4 in more detail. The tests help both you and the employer get to know each other better before any strings are attached. You should take advantage of this, and think about what each employer is after. Employers and test providers all agree that preparation is key and also helps you recognise your own potential. And nothing’s better than hearing it from the test providers themselves to get you convinced:

“Experience shows that if someone is used to these types of assessments, he or she will be able to get consistently closer to his or her ‘capacity’ or maximum score. In other words, it is actually ideal when an assessment taker is trained or familiar with the PI Learning Indicator item types, as it gives the company the best possible insight into the candidate’s true potential.” Source

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