Amazon sets its sights on MBA students

Wednesday, July 02, 2014 at 5am

By Vlad Copaciu
Amazon, the largest online e-commerce website, is actively searching for top talent, and plan to hire hundreds of MBAs in 2015, according to Miriam Park, Director of University Programmes at Amazon.
What are they looking for?

MBAs play a key role in leadership development at Amazon; the company looks to develop participants that possess long-term strategic thinking and tactical execution with the ability to make data-driven decisions as future leaders.
MBAs will be hired into various leadership programmes, taking selected candidates through different roles across a variety of fields including: vendor management, in-stock management, marketing management, merchant management and retail product management.
Amazon is particularly interested in MBAs who can influence customers, who can bring innovation and show a strong sense of ownership and analytical thinking. Successful candidates will have demonstrated their ability to think strategically and have strong decision making abilities.

What can you achieve? 

The leadership programme is designed to enhance any MBAs continued personal development and will ultimately provide you with a pallet of knowledge in an expanding and dynamic of retail industries. As future leaders, participants will have the opportunity to present their own business projects to senior managers at the end of the programme and the outcome may result in a permanent appointment.
Click here to find out more about MBA leadership programmes at Amazon.
Posted on: 02 July 2014

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