Alumni Voices: 5 MBA graduates share the most valuable skills gained from business school

Tuesday, May 07, 2019 at 1am

As part of the QS World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2019 and the QS Business Masters Rankings 2019, we spoke to thousands of graduates worldwide about their business school programs and experiences.

What we found is that what students most value mirrors what employers consider a premium when searching for future leaders within their organizations or invaluable when setting a business.   

Kaoru Nishinakagawa MBA Australian Graduate School of Management 2017

Gap discovery and problem-solving skills, which led me to co-found a company to solve problems through innovation by bringing entrepreneurs, corporates, and government together. The comprehensive programs plus the various activities at AGSM gave me the skills and confidence to become an advocate of creative problem solving.


Umair Abbas MBA WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management 2017

Leadership, teamwork and time management are three top most important skills I learnt from the program.


Marta Spohr graduated MBA IE Business School in 2017

The focus on customer experience and understanding strategy much better.


Nadia Hefer MBA Audencia Business School 2017 

The academic foundation was solid and very valuable; however, the problem-solving skill set has been the most valuable take-away from the program.  This allows me to analyze a situation, develop an action plan, execute the solution and measure the results.

Maria Corazon Pia MBA Monash University 2017 

Some of the most valuable skills I gained from MBA were my expanded worldview, critical thinking skills and negotiation skills which I'm able to utilize personally and professionally.  My negotiation skills have proven useful in negotiating a better salary and compensation package post-MBA as I gained more confidence in claiming a portion of the value I also created for my current organization. I am also able to use my negotiation skills in commercial terms in discussion with my clients and use my global experience in connecting with others.

Written by Ifi Ekong

Ifi heads up operations and business school relationships at leading online jobs and careers platform QS Global-Workplace, driving the expansion of an actively global network of professionals 
looking to progress their careers. She has over 13 years’ experience in online recruitment solutions.



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