Amazing Careers You Can Do with a Master's in Business

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 1am

By 2026, employment opportunities in the finance and business sector will increase by 10 percent according to the US Bureau of Labor statistics. So, there are plenty of opportunities available for talented graduates, particularly those who are willing to embrace the modern technologies and globalized approach found at many of today’s leading employers. 

A typical business master’s degree will incorporate elements of studying finance, accounting, management and increasingly, technology, as well as business itself. This means the world is pretty much your oyster when it comes to pursuing a career with excellent salary prospects, job security and the inevitable opportunity to climb to the top.

Using data from Payscale and Prospects, we’ve listed below some of the careers you could pursue with a master’s in business.

Data business analyst
Average salary: US$58,609

Ideal for those who have a keen interest in blending both business and technology data analysis, in this role you’ll have the technological know-how when it comes to generating crucial information about the company. Your main responsibilities include collecting and analyzing data to then devise and implement solutions to any problems which may arise.

You should have an eye for detail as you’ll need to be able to quickly identify recurring patterns or anomalies within the data. As a data business analyst you’ll also have close working relations with senior managers, meaning your work can impact practically any aspect of the company.

If gaining a better understanding of how industries and organizations manage and utilize big data analytics to devise new and improved business strategies is something which sounds right up your street, this could be the role for you.

Business development manager
Average salary: US$70,966

If you like the idea of leading a team, you’ll also need to be a self-starter who’s highly motivated and ready to take on any challenge. An excellent blend of business intelligence, communication skills and desire to succeed will make you stand out as well.

As a business development manager, your job is to devise and manage the future business plans of a company by building and maintaining positive professional relationships with partners, including clients and suppliers. It’s your responsibility to understand how the company works and see the ‘bigger picture’ to seek and implement both new and amended strategies to meet the aims and objectives of the business.

German student, Maximilien Taut, studied the MSc in Global Business at EDHEC Business School. He really enjoyed his experience, saying: “The interaction with global companies showed me what was on offer in terms of international career opportunities and I landed my first internship thanks to that. I highly value the combination of analytical skills and strategic thinking which I gained.”

Strategy consultant
Average salary: US$89,990

How does the idea of being able to turn an idea into reality sound to you? You’ll be responsible for identifying gaps in the current market for a company, to then demonstrate how they can benefit from plugging that gap.

You’ll need to highlight the risks involved and present the company with a strategic framework demonstrating how to do this, and also how to make effective business decisions to improve and expand.

SEO specialist
Average salary: US$43,766

It’s safe to say that should you wish to pursue a career in search-engine-optimization (SEO), you should have an excellent grasp of technology, as well as marketing and analytical skills to match.

This job role is all about being able to read, understand and produce effective SEO content in order to drive new traffic to a website while also maintaining a loyal base of users. As an SEO specialist, you’ll need to be able to successfully identify technical strategies and tactics to the company’s website developers to ensure audience traffic to the website is strong, and that the website places highly in web search results.

There’s a lot of career scope for this type of job. However, you will need to possess a strong understanding and knowledge of certain web-programming and coding, such as HTML code, JavaScript and PHP to get started.


Written by Stephanie Lukins

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