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QS has reached out to a series of top MBA recruiters to find out what they seek in MBAs. Companies talk about the opportunities they have to offer, workplace culture and what skills they look for in candidates.

MBA recruiter interview: American Express 

American Express, aka Amex, is ranked 28th in the Universum Top 100 Ideal MBA Employer ranking for 2014, 11th on Fortune’s Most Admired Company list and 23rd on Interbrand’s list of Best Global Brands.


MBA Recruiter Interview: Jeffrey Mowris, GE

If you go by what you read, it can seem like MBA jobs in the tech sector are limited to newer players such as Google and Amazon, and the ever-vibrant startup scene. However, these young upstarts are not the only name in town. 


MBA Recruiter Interview: Kristina Liphardt, EY 

EY (formerly Ernst & Young) comes in at 23 on the Universum Top 100 Ideal MBA Employer Ranking, and has also been included on Fortune’s Best  Companies list 16 times. While the London-based multinational professional services firm..


MBA Recruiter Interview: Kaiser Permanente 

When choosing healthcare MBA employers, many business school graduates have to choose between a health insurance company and a hospital. Kaiser Permanente, however, is a health plan...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Wells Fargo 

Wells Fargo, ranked 54th on the Universum Top 100 Ideal MBA Employer List, is the world’s largest bank by market capitalization, as well as the fourth-largest bank in the US. But despite its gargantuan proportions...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Bethany Gillen, Aetna 

Healthcare juggernaut Aetna, which currently employs 1,200 MBAs, is a Fortune 100 company. Despite this venerable standing, however, it is certainly not a stuffy, homogeneous environment in which to work as an MBA. 


MBA Recruiter Interview: Jeff Vijungco, Adobe 

What is Adobe looking for in its MBA hires? Simply being smart isn’t enough to make the cut – an emphasis is also placed on EQ, as well as a strong desire to learn and make an impact. We spoke to Vijungco...


MBA Recruiter Interview: PG&E 

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is an example of a company that allows MBAs to make a lasting impact on the energy industry, particularly around gas and electric operations, green energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


MBA Recruiter Interview: Connie White, Genentech 

For MBAs looking to get into the biotech space, Genentech stands out an industry-leader with a patient-centric mission. It is also ranked 57th on Universum’s Ideal MBA Employer list and has been on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Martin Rodriguez, Pfizer 

Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, as well as being one of the World’s 100 Most InDemand Employers on LinkedIn. So, what does it take to get a job at this global pharmaceutical giant? 


MBA Recruiter Interview: Jody Mullen, L.E.K. Consulting 

As with any big firm, knowing what makes L.E.K. Consulting unique and approaching the recruiting process in the right way can help you stand out from dozens of other candidates attending the same information session...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Courtney Storz, Citi 

Citi is the US’s third-largest bank holding company by assets; however this certainly doesn’t mean individual MBAs can’t make their own mark on the company, says Courtney Storz, Citi’s director of NAM graduate recruitment...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Amber Daniels, VMware 

As an MBA employer, VMware has something of an edge, in that it is a seemingly rare example of a US recruiter that is able to hire international students who are in the country on F1 and J1 visas. While VMware has only been recruiting MBAs...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Brittany Palubiski, General Motors 

When you think about MBA jobs that allow you to make a difference or work with technology, working at a large car company probably isn’t what comes to mind. Yet, at the North American automotive giant General Motors (GM)...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Credicorp 

Credicorp, a financial holding company based in Peru, is one example of the type of employers that are fuelling the region’s growth in opportunities for graduates of top business schools. In this interview, talent management consultants...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Sara Kalick, SYPartners 

When it comes to consulting, you don’t need to work at a big firm to have a big impact. SYPartners, a New York and San Francisco-based firm, is a good example. The company – which has fewer than 150 employees – works with Fortune 100 CEOs, helping them to effect change within their organizations.


MBA Recruiter Interview: Rajesh Ahuja, Infosys 

Last year, the global consulting and IT firm Infosys hired 170 MBAs for full-time roles, as well as 45 interns, as part of one of the largest recruitment drives in the history of the company. As part of this MBA hiring spree...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Kara Freedman, Interbrand 

For MBAs with a passion for branding, a company that works with Fortune 500 companies could provide the perfect stage on which to apply a combination of creative and strategic skills. Interbrand is one such company, and one known to take on MBAs...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Lori Cox on Kurt Salmon 

Global management consulting firm, Kurt Salmon, believes that MBAs joining the consulting industry needn’t be limited to working as a generalist in a corporate strategy role. Instead, it aims to allow its hires to become experts in a particular field, or even to focus on operations management work.


MBA Recruiter Interview: Jill Godbout, PepsiCo 

While best known as one the world’s biggest soft drink companies, PepsiCo is also home to other familiar brands, such as Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Quaker Foods, and Gatorade. This diverse brand portfolio, spanning 200 countries...


MBA Recruiter Interview: Heather Reynolds, Vodafone Americas 

With 430 million customers in nearly 30 countries, Vodafone is the world’s second largest mobile telecommunications company by subscribers and revenue. And it is about to get even larger, with an expansion into the Americas. 

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