What makes an MBA graduate employable?

When it comes to recruiting MBA graduates, recruitment consultancies specializing in finding the perfect employees for their client organizations are often the most selective and knowledgeable about what makes an MBA graduate employable.

One such recruitment consult­ancy is Market Mavens, a UK based agency that recruits MBA graduates and other high calibre graduates for employment within the investment banking, hedge fund, consulting, technology, and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries. Founder and managing director of Market Mavens, Yakub Zolynskitook some time out from his hectic schedule to discuss how he finds the best MBA graduate talent, what he considers appealing for his clients, and how a potential recruit can prepare them­ selves to stand the best chance of securing employment at a top firm.
"I don't think anybody should be under any form of pretence that having those three letters at the end of your name will suddenly open up all the doors and get you the job," Zolynski says. "It's really important to show clear evidence that the industry or the role you're applying for has been an aspect throughout the MBA, that you've been tailoring it specifically to that role, to that industry."
As a result, putting a great deal of thought, and fully researching the MBAprogram or programs you aim to apply to is an absolute must. As Zolynski explains, while some industries such as hedge funds might pay more attention to the notoriety of a particular business school than other industries, most recruiters will also look at the content of the programs and what a potential new recruit has learned from it.
"I think it's harder than ever now to make a switch into a different industry, and certainly you really have to show that the modules that you've done, the internships that you've done, the groups that you've joined, the thesis that you've written, and the network that you've built up by that time are relevant.
"By demonstrating all of that, you're also helping the recruiter sell you to potential employers as well. Doing everything possible to tailor the course and to show evidence to employers, I think is really important."
Yakub Zolynski, Founder & Managing Director, Market Mavens
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