Getting noticed by MBA employers

The rise of social media has been a constant conversation for several years, even being charged as a major player in events ranging from riots in London to the fall of governments in North Africa. But it is in smaller changes in daily life that social media is making the most global of impacts, as it begins to alter how we conduct all aspects of our lives. And study is by no means exempt.

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the three social media tools with the most visible impact on the MBA at present, and are not only changing the way MBA students interact with each other but with their schools and with future employers also.

Getting Noticed by MBA Employers


Apart from maintenance-level work however, there remains the option to be proactive and to find more and better employment opportunities through the use of social media. "One of the best examples we've seen in recent years is that of a student who followed entrepreneurial technology leaders in her sector of interest on Twitter," says Jackie Wilbur, executive director of undergraduate and master's programs at MIT Sloan School of Management. "She then began contributing ideas to these leaders about their work. As they saw her interest and understanding of their business challenges, and as she contributed to their thinking on the same, she began to be offered job opportunities."


The student had shown potential employers her value by using Twitter strategically; she had created meaningful connections and relationships, says Wilbur.


Kapelski also adds that employers, as well as potential employees, are using social media to recruit creative and imaginative employees, thus reinforcing the need to be not only a member of social media networks but to use these networks actively. "One example of an employer using social media effectively for recruiting is the MasterCard Space Jammed video," she says.


"MasterCard created a video asking potential interns to solve a problem introduced in the video. Applicants submitted their solutions with their resume for a chance to be a MasterCard Intern. The video came with a social campaign promoting it including a hashtag #internswanted. It was amazingly successful and very creative."


Following leaders of and thinkers in the industry that MBA students want to enter then is a requisite; finding ways to encourage them to follow you is a sign that you are doing something right.
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