MBA salaries and compensation

You have to do research to see what the industry pays. The QS Jobs and Salary Report 2013/14 provides a great review of MBA salary and total compensation (salary & bonus) trends in 2013 based on our survey of 5000+ MBA employer respondents between 2011-2013. Employers may look at how you negotiate your own salary to see how you will negotiate on behalf of the company. Think of it as embedding the subject of negotiation into a broader discussion about your skills.

Many MBAs are not comfortable with negotiating salary and certainly don’t feel comfortable with making the first move before getting that all important offer. More often than not, it comes down purely to a lack of experience.
But whether you have negotiating experience or not, pushing for what you want at the beginning of your career will certainly have payoffs later on in your professional life.
Getting the job is great, but receiving a fair salary is all part of your success story.
Salaries are important, but remember to consider other factors of importance including:


Health plan

Stock options

Training and development
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