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RTM Jr. Manager

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Route to market Jr Manager will lead the day to day operations of the franchise incl. marketing, commercial and financial; takes a lead role in analysis and implementation of specific programs and processes to increase effectiveness of sales; executes strategies with bottling partners; reviews and implements revenue growth opportunities/solutions; involved in sales planning, monitoring sales activity records etc. Individual contributor that is fully proficient in applying established standards; knowledge base acquired from several years of experience in particular area; works independently; may coach other professionals.

This role will build and manage strategic Bottler relationships to ensure sustainable & profitable RTM Models aligned with big bets and business objectives that allows the correct execution of the point of sales.

Leads the transformation of the RTM area, processes & perception, beetween the key stakeholders in the organization (Front Line  - Some Big Bets), to ensure a collaborative way of working, to impact in the Bottlers operation

Coordinate projects, iniciatives and efforts amongst different regions and with different suppliers.

 Leads segmentation process definition and execution along the bottlers


Main duties & responsabilities:

  • Creates open lines of communication at all levels of the Bottler and internal Key stackeholders teams (KO),
  • Develops a deep understanding of the RTM relevance and impact to earn trust and build a collaborative way of working.
  • Leads the implementation of the transformation of the way the systems designe and operates the RTM models.
  • Accelerates segmentation processes definition execution between all bottlers.
  • Accelerates the evolution of RTM "basics" in Bottlers operations.
  • Develop Capabilities among Bottler teams.
  • Leads disruptive RTM Projects in the most evolved Bottler operations.
  • Execute Cokenet implementation timetable in all the SLBU bottlers; Evaluate the impact in the RTM models.
  • Developing innovative projects in RTM, GTM (Go To market) and commercial Capabilities, that connects the whole business purpose with the point of sales
  •  Develop a fluent and simple way of communication with key stakeholders that are not experts in RTM matters, to make them know the relevance of working together to achieve business objectives
  • Supervisory responsibilities: +/- 8 suppliers


This position also focus on:

  • Ensuring proper training in specific RTM new sales models for areas involved
  • Custodian for workshops & customer meetings (top-to-top, subject matter expert, business reviews, contract negotiations, etc)
  • Constant Coaching & feedback to Bottlers
  • Leadership by influence


Specialist Experience

Applicant Qualification Required:

  • Expertize in RTM E2E Processes
  • Holistic view.
  • Results driven, excelling performance.
  • Strong negotiation skills. Strong influence.
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Ideal: Bottler experience
  • Proven listening skills, humble personality.
  • High proficiency in English/ Ideal Protuguese


Key Functional Compatencies:

  • Imports & Exports good ideas
  • Unleashes People RTM knowledge


Key Behavioural Compatencies:

  • Balance Short & Long term priorities
  • Influences the System
  • Delivers Results


Key Values:

  • Strong & proven Collaboration
  • Accountability. High discipline and organization
  • Self motivation.
  • High tolerance to frustration, coping with stress.
  • Committed, passionate. Never accepting limits.


Experience Required:

+7 years working in commercial processes/ RTM/ Execution

  RTM experience



Engineer or Business Administrator, advance degree - MBA desirable

Fluent in English and ideal in Portuguese (oral and written).



Needs to love traveling, 30% of time throughout 6 Countries in SLBU

Once per year outside BU


Please note that all information in this job description is accurate at the time of posting. Please be aware that companies may change details and/or closing dates without notice.

Job Summary

Coca Cola
  • Chile
  • Consumer Goods
Job Type
  • Full-time
  • Negotiable
21 June 2019
Applications Deadline
06 September 2019

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