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Category Manager: Business eCommerce

Job Description

To ensure digital sales and revenue targets are achieved for the allocated category of products within the segment, on all digital platforms (web, mobile and USSD), by managing all online sales and service activities (from search engine optimisation, online traffic, product and brand presence, relevant content and end-to-end sales processing / processes, channel utilization, analytics and measurement), with the objective of ensuring acquisition and cross-sell service and sales/revenue growth of Digital Banking customers.

Category Management 

  • Develop a category strategy with regards to initiatives aimed at driving sales, revenue, adoption and self service banking.
  • Together with Digital Marketing, devises, develops and implements an appropriate marketing plan in order to deliver a customer-orientated, cost-effective route to acquire, up-sell and cross-sell, and to create a brand presence on all relevant digital platforms.
  • To ensure customer adoption and utilisation of digital channels (Online & Mobile) , in order to create increased traffic to site for relevant product and self service by customers on digital channels.
  • Holds relevant value chain partners accountable to manage and maximise opportunities to increase targeted traffic to the digital platforms through a variety of marketing channels (e.g., email, display, targeted digital and direct marketing, 3rd parties, etc.)
  • Provides input into the eCommerce strategy and plan, to ensure that:
  • Commercialisation of individual banking products in digital channels is achieved,
  • The digital platforms are positioned as a marketing tool with the support of direct marketing practices,
  • there is an increased call to action to digital, including product sales and service capabilities,
  • the overall search optimisation strategies and paid-for-searches and page rankings are in place, constantly reviewed and effective.
  • Works with the Digital Service Management and Digital Platform teams to ensure the site is maintained and updated so as to maximise customer engagement on the site, especially as it relates to content, conversion, channel availability and that services issues are resolved.
  • Works with Governance and Risk to ensure that proper governance and compliance is achieved in the channel with regards to how we service and sell to customers.

Conversion Management

  • Holds the current Sales and/or Sales Fulfilment areas (e.g., CCC, VAF Sales Centre and GOSS) accountable for ensuring effective delivery of their functions within the value chain and the digital experience.
  • Improves, enhances and suggests ways to minimise sales drop-offs.
  • Works closely with Digital Marketing to ensure initiatives are in place to direct traffic leads to optimal site visitors, click-through rates, impressions served as well as conversion take-up to completion of application form.

Sales funnel management

  • Eliminates hand-offs in the digital sales process to ensure true digital experience for the customer.
  • Manages the detail by understanding every step in the digital sales process from search, to click-through rates, conversion and sales activation and utilisation, and continuously works towards improving and enhancing the success rates as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales process.
  • Works towards efficiencies in improving the cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale for increased revenue.
  • Manages the end-to-end process and holds the owners of the relevant touch points accountable for delivery as per agreed SLAs and targets.
  • Defines and agrees the SLAs for the digital touch points with the relevant business unit heads.
  • Continuously works towards enhancing and improving the end-to-end processes from click to customer utilisation of product.

Inputs into the customer financial solutions design and implementation 

  • Participates in, and provides input into, the formulation of the Standard Bank Digital Channel strategy for the relevant product / segment proposition.
  • Influences the channel plan and design team with market research and sales trends, in understanding the customer needs, to ensure that  sustainable revenue streams are catered for.
  • Works with the Digital Capability team, to provide input into the User Experience (UX) team, in order to design solutions that are customer-centric (i.e., meets the needs of digital customers at all times).
  • Stays up to date with the latest developments in the digital space in respect of electronic banking related technologies and the application to business objectives to ensure plans are in place to drive the revenue component.
  • Ensures that the compliance of usability standards are in place across the end to end sales process.
  • As the sales specialist for the relevant product, stays abreast of programmes and projects that are at execution (build) stage.
  • Accountable for relevant projects that are at implementation and roll-out stage, as it relates to planning and preparation for growing revenue.
  • Provides input into the appropriate ways to enhance customers’ online banking sales experience.
  • Collaborate closely with the technical team to maintain site standards with regard to new development.
  • Determines governance policy and collaborates with SGB and Group Marketing for PBB SA internet sites with relation but not limited to site design, technical standards, operational processes and content management.
  • Maintains the design, structure and interface of the online environment as represented by the group and associated sites through analysis of online trends, customer research and competitor reviews
  • Uses best practice methodology to achieve maximum message delivery rates on all campaigns and outgoing communication.

People Competitor activity and global market understanding and research 

  • Performs competitor, sector, industry, and global trend analysis to support the planning, and to drive the design and/or enhancement thereof, in order to fully execute sales on the various digital platforms, for the Retail and or Business/Commercial Segment.
  • Stays abreast of global financial institution’s strategies and best practices in relation to electronic (online and mobile) banking.
  • Understands competitor strategies and their positioning in respect of eCommerce and revenue growth on digital platforms.
  • Understands the user experience practices, accepted user experience design standards and methods to ensure solutions are customer-led (based on customer needs) and not just technology driven.


  • Measurement and Analytics
  • Defines and agrees with the relevant Measurement and MIS managers, the key metrics to track effective execution across the various touch points.
  • Together with Web Analytics, Campaign Management, Customer Insights and Measurement teams, defines the end-to-end analytics and sales dashboard for the allocated product portfolio.
  • Understands Digital Market potential and aligns the sales and marketing plan accordingly.
  • Utilises analytics and data science to continuously improve and enhance drop-off rates.
  • Stakeholder and value chain management
  • Stays abreast with continuous delivery and agile practices; working in cross-functional / multi-disciplinary teams for the ultimate goal of faster delivery through quick but collaborative decision-making for less time wastage in lengthy analysis.
  • Ensures all key delivery components of the site enhancements as it relates to driving traffic and lead/sales conversion are carefully managed across the entire value chain.


Specialist Experience


  • B Com, specialising in Digital Marketing or relevant 3-year degreePost-graduate degree (e.g. Honours or MBA) is an advantage


  • Minimum of 3 years working in an eCommerce or Web Management, Digital Transformation, Digital Analytics and Management

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Digital Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Digital Analytics Presentation Skills
  • Communication and Presentation Skills



Please note that all information in this job description is accurate at the time of posting. Please be aware that companies may change details and/or closing dates without notice.


Job Summary

Standard Bank
  • South Africa
  • Finance
Job Type
  • Full-time
  • Negotiable
05 June 2019
Applications Deadline
12 July 2019

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