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Program Manager

Job Description


  • Key Responsibilities: (?????????????????)
  • Manage the SDT and coordinate communication and deliverables between and within functional areas (e.g. engineering/manufacturing, engineering/sales)
  • Manage scope changes, communicate internally and to customer in a timely fashion to meet Cost/Time/Product/Quality targets
  • Develop, baseline and maintain the program timeline and ensure the program achieves customer milestones, internal deliverables, engineering deadlines and plant start-up.
  • Meets 0-0-100-100-90 launch performance targets
  • Ensures that suppliers are prepared for launch via Supplier Advanced Quality Planning procedure and by working closely with the Advanced Quality Engineer.
  • Full Responsibility for Finance and Launch execution results
  • Develop, in conjunction with other functional areas (within and across other BUs), the program cost targets (e.g. piece cost, investment, engineering budget,).
  • Conduct Program Reviews and Phase Exit / Gate Reviews on a regular basis, ensure participation by relevant sponsor and stakeholders, report summary program status on monthly basis and ensure program documentation in TC11 (e.g. Project File, SOW, timeline, PLUS deliverables).
  • Manage and support any Business Growth project as required.


  • HSE Expectation: (????????????????????????????????????)
  • Follow all Health & Safety and Environmental requirements that are defined on work instructions or communicated in training
  • Follow required emergency prevention and operational controls
  • Report all accidents, occupational illnesses and emergencies               
  • Expected Results: (???????????)
  • Define and implement program plans, budgets and schedules ensuring coordinated planning and realization of BU product development, tooling and start-up programs
  • Engaging and leading SDT with least impact
  • Measurable outputs: (????????)
  • No late program
  • Financial performance meeting per 6-panels
  • No late DV/PV built
  • No late customer built



Specialist Experience

  • Skill / Requirement: (?????)
  • Understanding of Business, commercial and financial.
  • Knowledge of manufacturing process specific to their products
  • Knowledge of design and development process.
  • Computer skill: MS Project, MS Office, Lotus Notes.
  • Education preferred: (????????????)
  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent in Engineering or Business MBA.
  • PMP Certification or equivalent.


  • Experience: (??????????)
  • At least 5 years’ experience in manufacturing industry (of which 2 are in an automotive manufacturing environment, preferably with JiT or an automotive Tier 1 supplier) in two SDT areas.
  • Managed at least one product development program through to launch including budget ownership responsibility.
  • Customer and Supplier relationship management.
  • Working knowledge of costing/quoting process.


  • Special Considerations: (?????????????????????????????)
  • Ability  to cooperate with people of different levels inside/ outside the company and to interact with team to reach team goals and business objectives
  • Ability to empower others to achieve results through motivation, recognition and performance feedback
  • Ability to express information in a manner appropriate to different levels of people & to lead negotiations
  • Ability to recognize, respond to customer expectations with sense of urgency and even increase expectations
  • Ability to take actions, decisions & to generate ideas, products, processes in promised timely manner; involvement in designs or  other work requiring creative imagination
  • Ability to take full responsibility for decisions & results even when all elements are not under individual direct control
  • Ability to set goals in consistency with company objectives and to adapt plans to changing environment
  • Ability to identify and eliminate health, safety, ergonomic and environmental hazards in workplace
  • Reporting Relationship:  (????????????)



Please note that all information in this job description is accurate at the time of posting. Please be aware that companies may change details and/or closing dates without notice.

Job Summary

  • Thailand
  • Other
Job Type
  • Full-time
  • Negotiable
13 May 2019
Applications Deadline
29 June 2019

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