Germany remains in global top 10 for MBA job availability

Research released this week reveals that Germany is once again among the top 10 countries worldwide for MBA job availability.

The QS Jobs and Salary Trends Report collates responses from thousands of MBA employers around the world, and alongside global MBA job availability statistics, provides average MBA salary data.

In Germany, average MBA compensation packages are reported to be over US$90,000 per annum, including bonuses.

“A sample of over 50 companies in Germany indicated a 16% rise in MBA demand in 2012,” explains Nunzio Quacquarelli, managing director of QS Quacquarelli Symonds and author of the report.

Germany: The engine of MBA demand

“The German economy is usually the engine of MBA demand in Western Europe. Strong demand for German goods in Asia in particular, has fuelled a demand for Asian MBAs to join German companies.

“Likewise, many service companies are desperate to recruit German MBAs to serve their successful German clients.”

Looking forward, MBA job availability in Germany is set to increase further still according to employers, though the 1% increase detailed in the report could be seen as a sign of cautious optimism among German MBA recruiters.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, both job availability and remuneration packages for MBAs in Germany are strong when compared to other European countries. The UK is the only other European nation to feature in the report’s top 10 countries for MBA job availability.

While German MBA graduate salaries sit firmly in the upper half of average remuneration packages within Europe, other economic powerhouses on the continent, such as Switzerland, the UK and France claim higher average MBA salaries.

However, writing in the report, Quacquarelli highlights that German nationals are likely to be able to command higher salaries than the US$84,300 (excluding bonuses) featured in the research.

“Average German MBA salaries are significantly lower than Switzerland,” Quacquarelli writes. “This does not reflect a lack of demand, but quite the contrary: more MBA employers in Germany are recruiting international MBAs from Asia and the Indian sub-continent at lower salaries than those paid to native German candidates.

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