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  • Covering Letter: What employers want to see

    The covering letter is often a job seeker’s Achilles ‘heel, mainly because the candidate has spent hours on crafting their CV to make it as perfect as they can, only to produce the covering letter as an afterthought. It is wrongly assumed that the CV will do all the hard work and the covering letter will just play a supporting role. .. Read more >>

  • Spring 2014 QS Global Workplace Career eGuide Launched

    View the latest MBA hiring trends. See what employers are looking for in today's economy and the most recent changes to MBA salaries world-wide. Learn from the experiences of other MBA alumni and plan your future. Download the QS Global Workplace Career eGuide. .. Read more >>

  • Refreshed Careers Section

    Whether you're actively looking for a new job or willing to take that leap should the right opportunity come along, there's no better time than the present to improve your pulling power with employers. Browse the refreshed Careers section where we talk about what makes a good CV, explore the skills employers are looking for and how to leverage your network. .. Read more >>

  • QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2013/14

    The 2013/14 QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report once again confirms the value of the MBA in today’s international job market even in the still fragile post-recession landscape. Find out about the current MBA jobs market, including industries and regions with the greatest volume of MBA job opportunities and average MBA salary. .. Read more >>

  • Global Workplace new release

    Welcome to the new release of QS Global Workplace, featuring a new online profile, thousands more jobs and a facility to help you leverage your extended LinkedIn network. Your new Global Workplace profile will make you stand out to prospective employers. .. Read more >>

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