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  • How MBAs Can Impress Investment Bank Recruiters

    In hushed whispers, business school insiders have been wondering if the allure of investment banking is on life support. Once upon a time, investment banking and consulting were the go-to industries for freshly minted MBAs. Business schools provided a direct pipeline for talent into these two fields. Nowadays, however, investment banking is no longer number.. Read more >>

  • 10 Movies All Entrepreneurs Should Watch for Inspiration

    To succeed as an entrepreneur will take a lot of hard work, determination, and an element of luck. More start-ups fail than succeed, so here are some well placed inspirational movie sources that could  ensure you’re one of the success stories. Workaholics you may be, but you can’t be working constantly, which is why it’s useful to sti.. Read more >>

  • Planning Your Post-MBA Career

    There was a time when the MBA was a specialist program that attracted a rarified set of focused managerial hopefuls, ready to make the jump into the C-suite. These days, there’s no doubt that the sheer scale of the MBA world is one of the biggest challenges facing candidates. This is not only due to the growing number of students, but also the variety .. Read more >>

  • MBA Career Focus - Consultancy

    Consulting is one of the most varied career paths an MBA can pursue. Your career will be spent helping companies in your area of expertise – with the diversity coming from the companies themselves as well as the nature of their problems. You might find yourself helping a software firm in Silicon Valley with the financial repercussions of a buyout one .. Read more >>

  • How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist

    Getting a business off the ground can be tough. Start-up ventures and small companies with growth potential need a certain level of investment to get started and one route to consider is venture capitalism. Whether you’re starting your new business for your own financial gain, or you want to make the world a little better, you need to present your bus.. Read more >>

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