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  • How to Get Hired by McKinsey & Company

    McKinsey & Company is one of the ‘Big Three’ management consulting firms (along with the Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company). Based in New York City, with 104 offices in over 50 countries worldwide, they cover a vast number of industries, including oil and gas, private equity, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, and retail... Read more >>

  • What I Learned by Starting My Own Company

    Starting your own business after graduating from your master’s program is a brave move. More start-ups fail than succeed in today’s economy, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be one of the lucky ones. Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London alumni Andrea Bonaceto and Krishna Venkata took that leap into the unknown whe.. Read more >>

  • Why MBAs Need to Utilise their Summer Internships

    In 2016, Cristian Chis spent the summer at Fortune 500 conglomerate Danaher Corporation. Although he delivered on the goals, he neglected a crucial component of internships: networking. While other MBA students reached out to managers who had scrutinised their final presentations, Chis didn’t, he says, “because it didn’t feel very genuine .. Read more >>

  • Amp Up Your Career – a guide to improving your Analytical skills

    Analytical thinking is a critical pre-requisite in all roles and especially so for leadership roles - it helps you to research, gather information, visualize, articulate, and solve complex problems. Even with extensive training, there would be instances where you will put on the spot to think analytically and your response could well contribute to .. Read more >>

  • Planning Your Post-MBA Career

    There was a time when the MBA was a specialist program that attracted a rarified set of focused managerial hopefuls, ready to make the jump into the C-suite. These days, there’s no doubt that the sheer scale of the MBA world is one of the biggest challenges facing candidates. This is not only due to the growing number of students, but also the variety .. Read more >>

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