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  • Finance or Accounting - Which Career Path Should You Choose?

    So, you have an undeniable knack for numbers, so which path have you chosen to go down: finance or accounting? Careers in both fields are plentiful and can be lucrative – the important thing here is to seek a profession that is most compatible with your abilities and career goals. Both fields show faster than average career growth through 2024, accor.. Read more >>

  • The HEC Alumna Changing the Corporate World Through Yoga

    Anne-Charlotte Vuccino is the founder of Yogist, a unique corporate yoga startup. She holds business and international management masters degrees from HEC Paris and the Copenhagen Business School. Whilst on a volunteer trip to Africa with an NGO when she was a student at HEC, she was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. During her rehabilitation she d.. Read more >>

  • MBA Recruiter Interview: Deborah Hankin, SYPartners

    The good news for anyone looking for a job in consulting these days is that there are probably more jobs now than ever before. “People are looking for experts in subject areas we didn’t even know existed,” says Deborah Hankin, Vice President of Talent at SYPartners. Hankin founded the Talent function at the company in 2014. She earned her .. Read more >>

  • How Your MBA Can Fuel Career Change

    Career changes can be daunting, but can also be rewarding. There’s no law committing you to your career field for the rest of your life and if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing, it’s probably time to make a change to one of the many other career paths out there. Jumping from one field to another can be overwhelming and difficul.. Read more >>

  • Preparing for the Machine Age

    The robots are coming. More than one-third of jobs in the US are at risk of being displaced by automation, according to a recent study by the consultancy firm PwC. While economists’ have mostly perturbed low-skilled occupations like manual labor, a growing body of evidence suggests that it is not just brawn, but brain, that machines will replace. Acco.. Read more >>

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