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  • Lifelong Learning in the Age of Automation

    A decade or so ago, one degree may have set you up for life. The core skills acquired on an MBA program for example, such as corporate strategy and financial accounting, would have been relevant for a lifetime. But in the age of automation, in which technology from data analytics to artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping business functions, contin.. Read more >>

  • Essential Soft Skills for the Workplace - Negotiation

    Negotiation is one of the most important skills you’ll develop as a businessperson. In the latest iteration of our Jobs and Salary Trends Report, employers establish that soft skills – particularly interpersonal skills, such as negotiation – are sorely lacking in many new hires. Successful negotiators rely on knowledge, intelligence, nerve .. Read more >>

  • Making the Most of On-Campus Recruitment

    The Scouts have it right: being prepared is the best way you can make the most of career recruitment during your MBA and land your dream job. When you start your MBA, you’ll be inundated with recruitment and MBA job events, companies looking for talent, and job postings – so making sure you’ve got a game plan in place beforehand can be the .. Read more >>

  • Big data is a must-have in today’s workforce

    As more companies look to incorporate big data into their business strategy, the more we find its inclusion, within data science, and in the MBA curriculum. While much has been said of the need for skillsets offered by STEM subjects, there’s also a demand for data-savvy managers. Big data is becoming the standard in business, including functional area.. Read more >>

  • Where Are the Most High-Paying MBA Jobs in 2018?

    There continues to be good news for MBA students looking for jobs at top employers such as Amazon. Last year in North America,there was a 10 per cent increase in hiring and MBA salary levels grew by US$17,400 to US$116,300. These figures chime with the findings of the QS Jobs and Salary Trends report, which forecast an 8 per cent global growth in MBA recrui.. Read more >>

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