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  • Breaking Into Big Tech Careers

    It’s a good time to be a recruiter at a big tech company. Instead of sifting sand to find a diamond, they’re sorting diamonds to find particularly lustrous diamonds.That also means it’s a tough time to be an applicant to a big tech company. It can feel like having an MBA from a Top 10 school is table stakes and if you haven’t created .. Read more >>

  • The Importance of Interview Techniques

    If interviewing tips and techniques haven't been on your agenda while pursuing an MBA, start looking - you're going to need them. It's a great achievement to have been accepted on, or to have graduated from, a top business school. But the reality is that there are likely to be a lot of other smart graduates going for the position you're after. And with recru.. Read more >>

  • Everything You Need to Know about Interview Assessments

    Many of you may be in the throes of applications and interviews, so you are more than aware of the importance of polishing your resume and producing a tailored cover letter for each job you apply for. However, what you might not realize is that your test-taking days are from over. In today's competitive job market, most employers use pre-employment testing .. Read more >>

  • When Women Lead

    Women in leadership are still a relatively small but steadily growing flock. But what are the challenges that they face when they want to make it to the top? Having a certain title, an army of underlings, or a fat salary doesn’t make you a leader. It’s a bit more complicated than those external markers. “Leaders take people where they ordi.. Read more >>

  • MBA Internship Profile: AT&T

    In her first year as an MBA student at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, Shanay Kinds became interested in AT&T’s leadership development program as a potential post-graduation career option. An MBA internship with the telecoms firm, Kinds decided, would give her the perfect chance to see if AT&T could meet her expectations. “Interning with the company was my way to connect with people in the program and learn first-hand about the AT&T culture to see if it would be a good fit for me, post b-school... .. Read more >>

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