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  • Skills That Will Boost Your Resume

    Rising salaries and potential opportunities are up for grabs in the job market and competition is massive. It is important to know your unique selling point (USP) as this will enable you to most effectively position yourself as the best-suited candidate for a position. It could be a specialist qualification, degree or a unique combination of past experience,.. Read more >>

  • Why Mindfulness Is an Important Tool for Working in Business

    To be a strong, decisive business leader, it’s important to have strong decision-making skills. Being able to avoid wrong moves that will adversely affect your business, or your career is crucial if you want to maintain an upward trajectory. So, how do you teach decision-making? Few leaders receive formal training, and it’s often thought the onl.. Read more >>

  • What It’s Really Like to Do a Placement Year

    Ever wondered what really happens during a placement year? We spoke to University of Northampton MBA student Shivika Gupta to find out about her placement year experience... Placement year, sandwich year, a year in industry…whatever you want to call it, a placement year is essentially an extended internship that allows you to apply what you’ve .. Read more >>

  • Durham Alumna at the Forefront of Fintech in Luxembourg

    Emillie Allaert is the Head of Operations and Projects at the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, which is Luxembourg’s dedicated Fintech center. An alumna of Durham University Business School's financial management masters program, she speaks about her career journey since graduation, and why she is passionate about making a .. Read more >>

  • How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist

    Getting a business off the ground can be tough. Start-up ventures and small companies with growth potential need a certain level of investment to get started and one route to consider is venture capitalism. Whether you’re starting your new business for your own financial gain, or you want to make the world a little better, you need to present your bus.. Read more >>

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