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  • How Can You Use Body Language to Your Advantage?

    Business is all about negotiation, and effective negotiation is a very refined art form. World leaders blare their policy plans on our screens daily, while their spin doctors wait anxiously to clean up the mess. Words stated or misstated matter; so too does body language. C-suite leaders, like politicians, live very public lives. This creates pressure to p.. Read more >>

  • Which MBA Employers Run the Best Leadership Development Programs?

    Joining a company’s leadership development program after graduating with an MBA can be a shrewd way to fast-track a post-MBA career into the leadership ranks. Structured, intense and often rotational, they are designed to groom and propel those who show potential into leadership roles within an organization. Leadership d.. Read more >>

  • What is Mars, Inc. looking for in MBAs?

    More than a manufacturer of M&M’s, Mars, Inc. is one of the world’s largest food companies. It is also not your typical MBA employer, and that’s not just because they are in the candy, gum and pet food industries. For example, the top three schools from which Mars recruits aren’t necessarily the ones you’d expect. In addition, the recruiting process consists of only two interviews, with an additional assessment day for those applying to its rotational program. .. Read more >>

  • How to compete in today's job market

    In recent years, economic uncertainty in Italy has led to a fierce competition in the job market. In recent years, economic uncertainty in Italy has led to a fierce competition in the job market. The National Institute for Statistics (ISTAT) revealed a rise in 2017 in unemployment and inactivity between the 25-34 age group, with 17.000 more people without o.. Read more >>

  • Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

    Entrepreneurship is a risky business – 90% of all startups are thought to fail. So what skills does an aspiring founder need to succeed? The Harvard Business Review surveyed 141 HBS alumni-founders, most of whom lead venture capital-backed technology startups, to find out. There’s a good reason to heed their advice: HBS are the most successful o.. Read more >>

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