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  • How this Vlerick Alumna is Tackling Food Waste

    From Crooked Carrots to Delicious Dips: How this Vlerick Alumna is Tackling Food Waste .. Read more >>

  • Why Digital Marketing MBAs Are Becoming Increasingly Important

    The fast-changing nature of marketing's digital revolution means one needs to keep up. In the 1960s-set American drama series “Mad Men”, the marketing dons of Madison Avenue in New York City made the function famous, relying on psychology, creativity and charm to create powerful narratives that tapped into consumers’ aspirations. These da.. Read more >>

  • Master’s in Business Analytics v MBA: What’s Different?

    When Renu Khokhar applied to business school it was not the flagship MBA program that piqued her interest. Instead she opted for a new and rapidly-growing course: business analytics. “I don’t think an MBA is necessary to make it to the top brass,” says Khokhar. “Companies realize they can increase their profits and performance with d.. Read more >>

  • Digital Business: Transforming the workplace

    As the need to differentiate business becomes even more critical, so too is your organization's ability to leverage and manage information as an asset. Business transformation can be defined as the relationship between strategic vision and operational execution. One can't succeed without the other, yet few of us are comfortable in both camps. Digital busine.. Read more >>

  • How Israel Became the Startup Nation of the World

    If the sparkling coastline, blue skies and world-renowned food scene aren’t enough to convince you to book a one-way ticket to Tel Aviv, take note: Israel is the startup nation of the world. Entrepreneurship has become the national pastime in Israel, with hundreds of venture capital firms and thousands of startups, shared working spaces and startup ac.. Read more >>

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