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  • Essential Soft Skills for the Workplace - Negotiation

    Negotiation is one of the most important skills you’ll develop as a businessperson. In the latest iteration of our Jobs and Salary Trends Report, employers establish that soft skills – particularly interpersonal skills, such as negotiation – are sorely lacking in many new hires. Successful negotiators rely on knowledge, intelligence, nerve .. Read more >>

  • MBA Salaries in Asia Pacific

    Salaries in Asia Pacific have grown by 3% this year according to our Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2018, recovering from a dip over the last couple of years. They now stand at an average of US$71,300, and increase to US$85,900 when bonuses are included, which puts them in the middle of the global salary range. Certain nations are contributing significantly.. Read more >>

  • What's Bain & Company looking for in MBA Hires?

    When we first spoke to Keith Bevans from Bain & Company in the summer of 2013, he had recently been appointed the company’s head of global recruiting. Three years later in 2016, the summer associate class for 2016 was the largest the company has ever had. 2017 continued to follow in the same upward trajectory with record numbers, most of whom were .. Read more >>

  • Get an Edge on your MBA Job Hunt During the Holiday Break

    The MBA job hunt can be grueling. It’s competitive and requires serious effort – from researching positions and companies, to participating in mock interviews. By the end of the first semester, many students just want to kick back and relax. The last thing they want to do is keep up the job search. While a little R and R is recommended, they can .. Read more >>

  • MBA Jobs and Salary Trends in Western Europe this Year

    The QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2018 shows that Western Europe has, once again, the second highest MBA salaries in the world - averaging a total of US$85,500. This figure represents a 5% increase year-on-year and a marked revival from figures reported in the previous iteration of the report, when salaries dipped dramatically. When average bonuses are .. Read more >>

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