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  • MBA Internship Profile: AT&T

    In her first year as an MBA student at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, Shanay Kinds became interested in AT&T’s leadership development program as a potential post-graduation career option. An MBA internship with the telecoms firm, Kinds decided, would give her the perfect chance to see if AT&T could meet her expectations. “Interning with the company was my way to connect with people in the program and learn first-hand about the AT&T culture to see if it would be a good fit for me, post b-school... .. Read more >>

  • The importance of Design Thinking in Business

    The number of UK homeowners aged 25 to 29 has dropped more than half since 1990, from 63% to 31%, according to the Social Mobility Commission, with sky high prices locking many out of the property market. So more than one-third of first-time buyers in England rely on their parents for financial help, up from 20% seven years ago. But buying a home together is.. Read more >>

  • Decline of Bond Trading on Wall Street Influencing MBA Careers

    As the world’s government and business leaders congregate in the Swiss Alpine town of Davos for the 2018 World Economic Forum, Wall Street is in a more precarious situation than usual. Business schools that serve as a pipeline for management at investment banks and financial firms are wondering what this means for career placement. Headlines about a so.. Read more >>

  • This Is What's Wrong with Your Resume

    It can be difficult to understand where you’re going wrong with your job applications. Is it the number of applications of the company’s received? The fact you haven’t racked up enough expereince or internship hours? Or something else you can’t quite put your finger on – perhaps that additional “Sir/Ma’am” in y.. Read more >>

  • Entrepreneurs Who Have Made a Difference and Why You Can Too

    In the modern business world, we use the word entrepreneur all the time. It is the type of title that easily loses its meaning, given just how frequently people bestow it upon themselves or others. At the core, an entrepreneur is a businessman or woman who has accepted more than the usual amount of risk that comes with a given venture. The truth is that tho.. Read more >>

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