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  • Durham Alumna at the Forefront of Fintech in Luxembourg

    Emillie Allaert is the Head of Operations and Projects at the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, which is Luxembourg’s dedicated Fintech center. An alumna of Durham University Business School's financial management masters program, she speaks about her career journey since graduation, and why she is passionate about making a .. Read more >>

  • How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist

    Getting a business off the ground can be tough. Start-up ventures and small companies with growth potential need a certain level of investment to get started and one route to consider is venture capitalism. Whether you’re starting your new business for your own financial gain, or you want to make the world a little better, you need to present your bus.. Read more >>

  • The importance of Data Analytics in top industries

    Data analytics is a game changer in terms of how one manages, analyzes and leverages data that permeates almost every industry today.   With data warehousing, reporting, dashboards, and advanced visualization these technologies harness valuable business insights and intelligence like no other. In fact, more compa.. Read more >>

  • Myths About Women in Business

    Despite the fact women run billion-dollar companies and are innovators and leaders responsible for some of the world’s biggest brands, women are still subject to lazy, harmful stereotypes about their abilities. Here are some of the worst of them.  Women are bad at negotiating This is often brought up to partly explain the gender pay gap, as part.. Read more >>

  • How Data Intelligence is Transforming the Health Sector

    Thanks to wearable fitness trackers like Apple’s iWatch and the Fitbit, keeping track of your own health has never been easier. From counting how many steps you walk each day, to monitoring your sleep pattern, technology is allowing us to monitor our health like never before. Practically every sector and industry in the world is jumping on the data in.. Read more >>

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