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  • Essential Soft Skills for the Workplace - Negotiation

    Negotiation is one of the most important skills you’ll develop as a businessperson. In the latest iteration of our Jobs and Salary Trends Report, employers establish that soft skills – particularly interpersonal skills, such as negotiation – are sorely lacking in many new hires. Successful negotiators rely on knowledge, intelligence, nerve .. Read more >>

  • Are MBAs Cooling on Entrepreneurship?

    In recent years, business school graduates have been shunning cushy corporate careers and instead have founded their own fledging ventures or joined one.  At Stanford Graduate School of Business, in the heart of startup cluster Silicon Valley, 16% of the most recent MBA cohort launched businesses in a broad array of industries: software, finance, healt.. Read more >>

  • How Successful MBAs Make Their Own Luck

    Outsiders looking in on successful businesspeople often mistake hard work for luck. When you closely observe the achievements of others, you’ll find that true champions make their own good fortune. Instead of merely wishing for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, consider doing the work of the leprechaun yourself. Discover stories of MBAs and .. Read more >>

  • Why the World Needs More Ethical Leaders

    Ethics matters a great deal in business. MBA graduates often carry great power – and as a result great responsibility – on their shoulders. Before they head into the C-suite, someone has to teach them how to keep that power in check and refrain from letting it go to their head. Ultimately, leaders of organizations should be models of positive beh.. Read more >>

  • Pursuing an MBA Career with Meaning: Social Entrepreneurship

    Until last year Ashwin Halgeri had never heard the term ‘social entrepreneur’. Today, he is one. The Kellogg School of Management MBA student founded EduIndia, a start-up trying to foster education access in India, which won recently a sustainable investing competition run by the bank Morgan Stanley. “It’s not philanthropy – I.. Read more >>

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