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  • What skills MBA Employers are looking for

    There is a reason - or maybe we should say reasons – that employers hire MBAs, and that is the diverse range of skills that they offer. Generally, we see that MBAs meet or are close to meeting expectations across a healthy spread of skills. In technical skills such as finance, e-business and marketing, we see a match between the ascribed importance and satisfaction. .. Read more >>

  • Where are the MBA Jobs? The World’s 20 Biggest Markets

    If you want to assess the prospects offered by an individual country’s market, however, it’s important to consider the size from which it is growing. As much as a fast-growing market is a promising sign of things to come, it is a lot easier to grow quickly from a small number of existing opportunities than it is to build upon an established, and sizeable, platform. .. Read more >>

  • Top Companies for MBA Consulting Internships

    While the big name firms are the ones most targeted by MBAs for consulting internships, MBAs who are interested in the consulting industry have options beyond just them when it comes to summer internship options. Here’s a list to give you an idea of some of the companies offering consulting internships for MBAs. .. Read more >>

  • Top 20 countries for MBA demand and salary levels

    The US, as one might expect of the MBA’s birthplace and the world’s largest economy, leads the way in the terms of its sheer volume of MBA jobs. India’s presence in second place is testament to the regard in which the degree is held in the South Asian nation (Pakistan’s presence in this list can be read along the same lines), while the other three BRIC countries are also present. .. Read more >>

  • Top banks have 115 billion euro capital shortfall

    Top banks have 115 billion euro capital shortfall The world's biggest banks would need to boost their capital by 115 billion euros ($155 billion) to comply with tougher rules and more than 60 percent of that shortfall is in Europe, where lenders have been slower to strengthen. Read more Note: Posted on: 25th September 2013

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