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  • Six Stories of Entrepreneurial Success

    Business school can be a great place to discover if you have a knack for building and running a startup and to ascertain if the entrepreneurial life is for you.Schools now offer a plethora of courses focused on providing budding entrepreneurs with the requisite toolkit, plus there are regular opportunities to network with potential investors and test out you.. Read more >>

  • MBA Class of 2017 Highlights

    The graduation season for the MBA class of 2017 in the US finally reaches its end; here are some highlights from the ceremonies and events held at a selection of six of the US’s top business schools. As you’ll see, commencement (or ‘investiture’ or ‘convocation’ to list a further two names by which these ceremonies are kno.. Read more >>

  • The Importance of Interview Techniques

    If interviewing tips and techniques haven't been on your agenda while pursuing an MBA, start looking - you're going to need them. It's a great achievement to have been accepted on, or to have graduated from, a top business school. But the reality is that there are likely to be a lot of other smart graduates going for the position you're after. And with recru.. Read more >>

  • What does PepsiCo look for in MBAs?

    While best known as one the world’s biggest soft drink companies, PepsiCo is also home to other familiar brands, such as Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Quaker Foods, and Gatorade. This diverse brand portfolio, spanning 200 countries, means that the company offers a variety of career opportunities for MBAs – with some employees rotating to new assignments as regularly as every eight months. To learn more about MBA employment opportunities at PepsiCo, as well as what the company looks for in its MBA hires, we spoke to campus recruiter senior manager, Jill Godbout. .. Read more >>

  • What is Dell looking for in MBAs?

    Dell is a top technology company that hires MBAs for the fresh ideas they bring to the business. It is also a company for MBA hires to grow and move through Rotations to different business functions. Despite its large size, Dell’s university relations and diversity manager for North America, Maria Crabtree, says that the company runs like a, “large startup” That encourages innovation and creativity. In this interview, Crabtree discusses what Dell looks for in its MBA hires. .. Read more >>

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