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  • 7 Essential Skills Every Graduate Needs in 2017

    Having in-demand skills such as being able to code or grow an audience on social media could make a huge difference, perhaps making up for other gaps in your skill-set, and helping you stand out from the horde of graduates competing for the same job. .. Read more >>

  • Roll out the red carpet for MBA Recruiter Interview: Warner Bros.

    The annual Academy Awards represents all that is glamorous about the world of film. Many of us were drawn to the bright lights of this years Oscars that had the audience reeling in their seats following a certain debacle. Based in California and home to library of approximately 7,000 feature films and 5,000 television programs comprising tens of thousands of individual episodes, Warner Bros. could be an attractive proposition for any MBA with their eyes on a career in the media and entertainment industry. .. Read more >>

  • Tapping into your alumni network...

    The value of a business school’s alumni network, in the eyes of its current students, has a strong bearing on their post-MBA job choices, according to research from professors at NYU Stern and MIT Sloan. .. Read more >>

  • MBA Internship Profile: GlaxoSmithKline

    An MBA internship at a pharmaceutical company is a natural and logical fit for those looking to work within the healthcare industry. Collin Watson is a student at UNC Kenan-Flagler who recently interned at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and will join the company’s rotational program after he graduates. In this interview, he discusses his MBA internship experience and offers advice on how to secure an offer letter at the end of the summer. .. Read more >>

  • The Benefits of Language Skills for an International MBA Career

    It has become a significant advantage in business to speak more than one language, as MBA employers find themselves participating in an increasingly global market that requires cross-cultural understanding and communication skills. In fact, QS’s 2015 survey of MBA employers shows that international awareness and language skills are among the most-valued attributes sought among those who hire MBAs. .. Read more >>

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