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  • INSEAD MBA Team Wins Impact Investing Competition

    Interest in impact investing has grown, particularly among the millennial generation — marketing jargon most often used to reference those between the ages of 20 and 30. A cadre of MBA students from INSEAD could bag US$50,000 to fund a healthcare start-up after winning an impact investing competition at the Wharton School. .. Read more >>

  • Brexit Effect on MBA Job Prospects “Less Severe” Than Expected

    Britain’s impending departure from the European Union (EU) has stoked fears that there will be a mass exodus of jobs, as companies move operations overseas to continue trading freely with the block. However, the comments from Likierman suggest that the impact on MBA job opportunities has been muted, for the time being at least. .. Read more >>

  • What is GSK looking for in an MBA?

    GSK's pharmaceutical leadership development program, Esprit, is aimed at giving MBAs the opportunity to gain international work experience early on in their careers. In this interview, their university recruitment team describes the type of MBA job opportunities available with the global healthcare company and offers some insights into what it takes to secure a job there. .. Read more >>

  • MBA Class Of 2016: We’re Happy!

    Nine in 10 members of the MBA Class of 2016 report finding jobs within four to six months of graduating according to the new Alumni Perspective Survey from GMAC. Recent MBAs are very happy with their degrees, including those who are working in fields they never thought they’d work in before they started business school. .. Read more >>

  • What it takes to Rise to the Top in the Consulting Industry

    What does it take to become an executive in the consulting industry? Newly released data from almost half a million professional networking profiles shows that, over the course of twenty years (from 1990 to 2010, based on this list), only 14% reach this milestone of career success: becoming a VP, CXO, or partner of a firm with over 200 employees. .. Read more >>

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