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  • What is PwC's strategy & what do they look for in MBAs?

    PwC’s strategy consulting group, Strategy&, was formed in April 2014 as a result of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ acquisition of Booz & Company. Its name aims to reflect strategy’s significance to the company’s brand and, indeed, the ability to connect strategy to impact is a central part of the company’s value proposition, according to Strategy& campus recruiting lead, Seema Malveaux. In this interview, Malveaux discusses what distinguishes PwC’s Strategy& from other consulting firms, as well as what the company looks for in its MBA hires. .. Read more >>

  • MBA Internship Profile: Eli Lilly

    For students who wish to use the qualification to change careers, the internship is an opportunity to try out a new industry and see if it matches up to individual ambitions and expectations. This was the case for Kristen Poulin, who enrolled at UNC Kenan-Flagler determined to find, “a meaningful career where my skills would be used to help improve people’s lives.” .. Read more >>

  • Attributes of an MBA Graduate in Today's Increasingly Fragmented World

    With the world appearing increasingly fragmented, how then does an MBA candidate go about choosing a top business school or finding an MBA career? Are the opportunities out there the same, or changed? .. Read more >>

  • Mindfulness at Work: Navigating Your MBA Career in the Modern Age

    Circumstances of the modern age are creating an unprecedented MBA career landscape for ambitious MBAs. Diversified education offerings and a more dynamic, global job market have given way to more empowered employees, including young MBAs, who are increasingly moving away from merely wanting ‘a better paying job‘ (because certainly that is one major draw of the MBA) towards a mindset that is more focused on ‘building a career’, or even ‘following a calling’. .. Read more >>

  • MBA Recruiter Interview: Intuit

    If you’re considering a post-MBA career in the technology industry, then you might find it reassuring to know that Dawn Carter, director of early careers at the financial software firm, Intuit, thinks it’s a common misconception that those with a background in the industry hold a huge advantage... .. Read more >>

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