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  • Five golden rules for MBA career planning

    An MBA presents a unique opportunity to reflect on your career and set yourself up for your next challenge, says University of Edinburgh Business School MBA Executive Development Manager, Amanda Singleton. Here are her five golden rules for career planning… .. Read more >>

  • Top banks have 115 billion euro capital shortfall

    Top banks have 115 billion euro capital shortfall The world's biggest banks would need to boost their capital by 115 billion euros ($155 billion) to comply with tougher rules and more than 60 percent of that shortfall is in Europe, where lenders have been slower to strengthen. Read more Note: Posted on: 25th September 2013

  • HP shares jump 7% on enterprise division profit

    The veteran computer firm Hewlett-Packard saw its shares jump 7% in after hours’ trading on results that suggest its enterprise division will make up for falling PC sales. HP's fourth-quarter revenue fell 3% to $29.1bn (£18bn), about half the size of the fall expected. .. Read more >>

  • Amazon workers face increased risk

    Prof Michael Marmot was shown secret filming of night shifts involving up to 11 miles of walking – where an undercover worker was expected to collect orders every 33 seconds. It comes as the company employs 15,000 extra staff to cater for Christmas. .. Read more >>

  • Cisco’s reinvention is paying off

    Cisco enjoyed a long reign as the king of routers and switches. But as Internet networking evolves, Cisco has worked to reinvent itself — and its shift into services like online video and data is paying off. .. Read more >>

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