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  • 7 Essential Skills Every Graduate Needs in 2017

    Having in-demand skills such as being able to code or grow an audience on social media could make a huge difference, perhaps making up for other gaps in your skill-set, and helping you stand out from the horde of graduates competing for the same job. .. Read more >>

  • Cinematic Scenarios and Comics: The Case Method in Context

    The case method is a hugely popular means of teaching MBA students and preparing them for the sort of strategic dilemmas they are likely to encounter when they graduate and ascend through the higher echelons of management. It’s important, therefore to fully understand and appreciate the concept before you enroll in a program that puts it to use. &ldqu.. Read more >>

  • Roll out the red carpet for MBA Recruiter Interview: Warner Bros.

    The annual Academy Awards represents all that is glamorous about the world of film. Many of us were drawn to the bright lights of this years Oscars that had the audience reeling in their seats following a certain debacle. Based in California and home to library of approximately 7,000 feature films and 5,000 television programs comprising tens of thousands of individual episodes, Warner Bros. could be an attractive proposition for any MBA with their eyes on a career in the media and entertainment industry. .. Read more >>

  • Top 7 Trends for Entrepreneurs in 2017

    Planning on starting up in 2017? From big data to the sharing economy, new buzzwords and business practices are taking the entrepreneurship scene by storm. Read on to discover seven of the most disruptive trends that you need to stay on top of, if your business is to stand a chance of making it through the year…    1. In 2017, fintech, .. Read more >>

  • You've got the MBA internship, now what?

    You’ve landed an MBA internship. Congratulations! Now the real work begins, as you embark on what is essentially a three-month-long job interview. It’s not just about producing great work, you also have to decide whether the company is a fit and (if that’s the case) find ways to express your interest in working there full time. .. Read more >>

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