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  • Why Are There So Few Women in the C-Suite?

    If women's personality traits make them better suited to leadership positions than men, as a 2013 BI Norwegian Business School study suggests, why is it that there are still so very few female CEOs in the boardroom?  Only 25% of senior management positions are filled by women globally, and at CEO level, this percentage drops to 12%, according a 2017 rep.. Read more >>

  • Is your MBA the Golden Ticket to a Career in Product Management?

    Over the past decade, there’s been an unquestionable shift in career paths MBAs are taking. More and more, ambitious MBA graduates are pursuing careers in technology over traditional fields like investment banking. In 2016, 19% of Harvard Business School (HBS) graduates went into technology, compared to only 1% in 2012. One of the most sought-after ro.. Read more >>

  • Why Consulting Firms are a Firm Favorite for MBAs

    If you want to work in the management consulting industry, then the MBA is a good bet and the route for many freshly-minted graduates who find jobs in the sector. INSEAD, the French-Singaporean school is a place to which many of the world’s most prestigious consulting firms turn. Last year, McKinsey & Company hired 125 INSEAD MBAs. Boston Consulti.. Read more >>

  • Top Companies for MBA Consulting Internships

    While the big name firms are the ones most targeted by MBAs for consulting internships, MBAs who are interested in the consulting industry have options beyond just them when it comes to summer internship options. Here’s a list to give you an idea of some of the companies offering consulting internships for MBAs. .. Read more >>

  • Top Schools Showcase MBA start-ups in Competition Final

    MBAs at top business schools in North America stood to win a combined US$435,000 in cash and prizes for their start-ups in April this year. At Harvard Business School (HBS), students pitched to a room full of investors hungry for fresh and disruptive start-ups across a myriad of industries. Up to US$300,000 in venture capital funding was up for grabs, as pa.. Read more >>

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