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  • MBA hiring trends - Global Overview 2017

    Around the world, the demand for MBA graduates has risen by 13% between 2015 and 2016 – a level of growth which comes close to replicating the 14% figure seen in the previous edition of this report and stands ahead of the 11% forecast we made last year. .. Read more >>

  • Have you checked your Profile?

    According to the recent 2016/17 Global Employers survey soft skills continue to be considered a key part of the MBA value proposition among employers. Strategic planning has been identified as the role into which MBAs are most commonly hired, followed by non-advisory finance roles, general management, marketing and consultancy. .. Read more >>

  • What is PwC's strategy & what do they look for in MBAs?

    PwC’s strategy consulting group, Strategy&, was formed in April 2014 as a result of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ acquisition of Booz & Company. Its name aims to reflect strategy’s significance to the company’s brand and, indeed, the ability to connect strategy to impact is a central part of the company’s value proposition, according to Strategy& campus recruiting lead, Seema Malveaux. In this interview, Malveaux discusses what distinguishes PwC’s Strategy& from other consulting firms, as well as what the company looks for in its MBA hires. .. Read more >>

  • MBA Internship Profile: Eli Lilly

    For students who wish to use the qualification to change careers, the internship is an opportunity to try out a new industry and see if it matches up to individual ambitions and expectations. This was the case for Kristen Poulin, who enrolled at UNC Kenan-Flagler determined to find, “a meaningful career where my skills would be used to help improve people’s lives.” .. Read more >>

  • Attributes of an MBA Graduate in Today's Increasingly Fragmented World

    With the world appearing increasingly fragmented, how then does an MBA candidate go about choosing a top business school or finding an MBA career? Are the opportunities out there the same, or changed? .. Read more >>

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