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  • What is UPS looking for in MBAs?

    Founded in 1907 as an on-foot delivery service, UPS now delivers 18.3 million packages each day but, while many people view it purely as a package delivery company, UPS’s director of talent acquisition, Matt Lavery, feels that it could also be considered a “tech company with trucks.” Case in point: The company spends a billion dollars a year on technology. .. Read more >>

  • What is Symantec looking for in an MBA?

    Perhaps best known as the maker of Norton consumer security software, Symantec is one of the biggest companies in the cybersecurity space. Founded in 1982, Symantec’s workforce now numbers approximately 11,000 employees in 35 countries, including MBAs. In this interview, Symantec’s senior manager of global staffing, Tina Randhawa, outline’s Symantec’s MBA recruitment process as well as what the company looks for in its MBA hires. .. Read more >>

  • What is SunTrust Robinson Humphrey looking for in an MBA?

    Atlanta-based SunTrust Robinson Humphrey (STRH), SunTrust’s full-service corporate and investment banking division, is part of one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. Despite the size of the company and the variety of services it offers, however, there are MBAs who view the company as a small southern bank. In this interview, SunTrust’s university relations manager, Molly Lipscomb O’Neal, discusses SunTrust’s MBA recruitment process as well as its MBA hiring projections for the coming year. .. Read more >>

  • What skills MBA Employers are looking for

    There is a reason - or maybe we should say reasons – that employers hire MBAs, and that is the diverse range of skills that they offer. Generally, we see that MBAs meet or are close to meeting expectations across a healthy spread of skills. In technical skills such as finance, e-business and marketing, we see a match between the ascribed importance and satisfaction. .. Read more >>

  • Where are the MBA Jobs? The World’s 20 Biggest Markets

    If you want to assess the prospects offered by an individual country’s market, however, it’s important to consider the size from which it is growing. As much as a fast-growing market is a promising sign of things to come, it is a lot easier to grow quickly from a small number of existing opportunities than it is to build upon an established, and sizeable, platform. .. Read more >>

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