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  • MBA Recruiter Interview: Jody Mullen, L.E.K. Consulting

    When you ask MBAs what they plan to do on completing their degree, no small percentage will say the same thing: consulting. However, this by no stretch of the imagination means that they will have identical experiences – so much depends on the firm for which one works for a start. Take L.E.K. Consulting, an international strategy consulting firm ranked 12th in the Vault Consulting 50. .. Read more >>

  • Which Consulting Firms Have the Best Work/Life Balance?

    Management consulting firms have long been a firm favourite with MBAs. Every year, the high salary, rapid career progression and prestige that come with an elite firm such as McKinsey & Company tempt at least one-third of MBAs at top schools to work in the industry. But there are downsides. Work-life balance, or lack thereof, is an enduring criticism of.. Read more >>

  • Study Apps to Get You Through Your MBA

     If there’s one thing you need for success at business school, it’s organization. Thanks to technology, this no longer means file dividers and sticky notes and hours of highlighting. Your phone is your best friend in the business school world, and luckily, we’ve summarized the top study apps to help.       Organizing.. Read more >>

  • MBA Recruiter Interview with KPMG

    While KPMG is best known for its status as one of the Big Four accountancy firms, the company’s advisory organization allows MBAs to do consulting work outside of the accounting field. In addition, KPMG’s work-family balance programs, such as fully-paid maternity leave and back-up childcare, have secured the company a spot in Working Mother magazine’s top 100 list for over 15 years. In this interview, KPMG’s national director of campus recruiting, Malana White, discusses what the company looks for in its MBA hires. .. Read more >>

  • Yolkshire - An Eggciting New Restaurant Chain

    Think omelets and sunny-side up eggs are just for breakfast? Think again. Yolkshire, an exciting new egg-based restaurant, is the brainchild of Indian entrepreneur and HEC Paris MBA student Varad Deshpande. TopMBA spoke to him about his MBA experiences and how Yolkshire may soon be revolutionizing the restaurant market. The idea - for a high-quality restaura.. Read more >>

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